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Twitch Receives Another Batch of DMCA Takedowns - May 2021

1 minute read

Twitch first received a batch of DMCA claims from music publishers in March 2020, then again later that year in November, and has now reported receiving about 1,000 additional DMCA claims in a new mass-claim in May 2021.

No Copyright Infringement Intended Disclaimer

6 minute read

Content creators, especially those who operate Reaction channels, will frequently rely on a “No Copyright Infringement Intended” disclaimer before their videos. Learn how much protection these provide, and how you should write your own disclaimer.

Penalties for Doxxing on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook

1 minute read

Doxxing is when a person publically releases the personal information of another. It is typically online, and often for the purpose of harassment. The act itself isn’t federally illegal, but can be in some circumstances. Platform Terms of Service may also have rules against doxxing.

Fair Use and Streaming

7 minute read

Fair Use is a defense to copyright infringement, and can legally allow you to use a copyrighted work in your own content without needing permission. However, the limits of Fair Use are narrower than most people think.

The Twitch Affiliate Contract

4 minute read

Becoming a Twitch affiliate gives you a variety of advantages, including channel emotes, chat badges, increased priority for transcoding options, and of course monetization. The Affiliate Agreement you must sign to join the program is a legal contract, and when you sign it, you agree to be bound by its terms.

Streaming as a Hobby vs. a Business or Sole Proprietorship

7 minute read

Many streamers create content as a hobby, and would prefer not to deal with complex tax information from the earnings they might get. However, there are a few additional considerations that may make classifying your hobby stream as a business make sense.