Copyright for Streamers

The most familiar letters for streamers when it comes to copyright are the dreaded four: DMCA.

But there is more to copyright law that is relevant to your channel than just the DMCA.

Twitch Receives Another Batch of DMCA Takedowns - May 2021

1 minute read

Twitch first received a batch of DMCA claims from music publishers in March 2020, then again later that year in November, and has now reported receiving about 1,000 additional DMCA claims in a new mass-claim in May 2021.

No Copyright Infringement Intended Disclaimer

6 minute read

Content creators, especially those who operate Reaction channels, will frequently rely on a “No Copyright Infringement Intended” disclaimer before their videos. Learn how much protection these provide, and how you should write your own disclaimer.

Fair Use and Streaming

7 minute read

Fair Use is a defense to copyright infringement, and can legally allow you to use a copyrighted work in your own content without needing permission. However, the limits of Fair Use are narrower than most people think.