Penalties for Doxxing on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook

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Doxxing is when a person publically releases the personal information of another. It is typically online, and often for the purpose of harassment. The act itself isn’t federally illegal, but can be in some circumstances. Many platforms’ Terms of Service also have rules against doxxing.

How do people dox?

The Internet is increasingly connected, and as we spend more time online, we create a longer trial of interconnected accounts. Linking together a number of different accounts from the same user can reveal a great deal of personal information.

For public content creators who spend a lot of time talking about their lives, sometimes individual pieces of innocuous information can reveal more than you intended.

For instance in early 2021, fans of the YouTuber, Dream, spread his private address online after a troll group figured it out from comparing photographs Dream shared of his kitchen with real estate photos from Zillow.

Why do people dox?

The reasons vary. One person may decide to dox a creator to intimidate them, someone else for revenge, someone else for attention

What are the risks of doxxing?

Is it illegal to dox?

Prosecuting a doxxer

Suing a doxxer




How can I prevent getting doxxed as a streamer?

What can I do if I get doxxed?

What are the penalties for doxxing?